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Day Care Negligence

No one is more vulnerable than our children.  Children trust adults to take care of them, and it is imperative that daycare providers act carefully at all times to keep children safe. Unfortunately, sometimes children are hurt while under the care of a daycare center. Daycare negligence and abuse is a serious issue. Lack of supervision is the single greatest cause of daycare injuries.  The supervision is often caused by inadequate staffing – too many kids for the number of adult daycare providers.

Children often don’t have the ability to communicate when negligence occurs. It is important to look for additional signs if you think your child might be the victim of negligence, including:

Changes in behavior or extreme mood swings

Fear or anxiety toward the daycare or an employee, night terrors or nightmares

Unexplained bruises, welts, and/or cuts

Reverting back to behaviors they had previously outgrown: bed wetting, thumb sucking, excessive crying, tantrums, etc.

Reporting your suspicions to the daycare operator or manager is simply not enough. While the owner may be fully-aware of the legal obligation to report suspicions of daycare negligence, in reality, many find it easier to avoid any involvement and hope that the incident blows over. This “wait and see” approach is not only illegal, but also makes the child vulnerable to continued incidents of negligence, and puts all other children at the daycare in harm’s way.

Knowing Your Rights

While it is ultimately up to the police to seek criminal charges in daycare negligence cases, you absolutely have the right to pursue a civil claim against the daycare in question in order to seek compensation for any related losses. These losses can include pain and suffering, the cost of alternative child care, the cost of therapy or counseling, compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and more.

Daycare negligence can have lasting effects which may require long-term medical or psychological treatment. You may have to engage quite a few resources to help support a child who has been abused. Their trust of adults may be significantly diminished, so there may be behavioral and social issues that will need to be addresses.

If your child has been hurt at a daycare facility, please call us. We may be able to help. We are sympathetic to your experience and can provide compassionate consultation regarding possible next steps for your family.

We can thoroughly investigate your case to determine if there was neglect or abuse that led to your child’s injuries. We pursue daycare negligence lawsuits and we offer free investigations into these cases for individuals like you. No payment is required until compensation is collected on your behalf.

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