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Depuy Attune Knees

A high failure rate has been reported with these knee implants.  Reports complain of tibial baseplate loosening with leads to pain, infection, inflammation, and bone and muscle damage.  Patients are also reporting a loss or lack of bonding of the knee components.  These problems can lead the Depuy Attune knee implant to prematurely fail, requiring the implant to be removed and surgically replaced with another implant.  Our firm investigates cases when people have problems after being implanted with a Depuy Attune knee implant.  If you or a loved one has suffered problems, failure or replacement surgery from a Depuy Attune Knee System, please call us.  We may be able to help.  We are leaders in pursuing medical product liability lawsuits involving unsafe drugs and medical devices, and we offer free investigations into these cases for individuals like you.