The Opioid Crisis: Who’s Fueling it and Why?

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The Opioid Crisis: Who’s Fueling it and Why?

Opioid crisis in America, a major public health emergency.

On October 15, 2017, 60 Minutes featured a news story on one of many aspects of the Opioid Crisis in our country. The story described the DEA’s investigation into the three biggest pharmaceutical drug distributors’ role in the Opioid Crisis.

After DEA investigators identified pain clinics and pharmacies to which hundreds of millions of opioid narcotic pills (like oxycodone and hydrocodone) were being shipped, the investigators’ supervisors shut the investigation down.


The story suggests the pharmaceutical industry influenced top DEA employees to put the brakes on the investigation. In fact, the investigators’ supervisors ultimately switched sides by jumping to high-paying jobs defending the drug industry.  They were hired by the pharmaceutical companies themselves, the companies’ consultants or their law firms in “Washington D.C.’s revolving door.”

Once they made the jump, they lobbied their former colleagues and Congress, which had a chilling effect on DEA’s enforcement powers. The story suggests these former DEA representatives’ financial incentives, along with the financial incentives of the pharmaceutical industry, are the crux of how and why DEA turned its back on the hundreds of thousands of individuals who have lost their lives due to the unchecked distribution of opioid pain killers at the height of the Opioid Crisis in this country.

I have litigated against the very same pharmaceutical company law firms identified in the 60 Minutes story. I have witnessed the money trail from the pharmaceutical industry to various corporate entities used to increase drug sales. It is an incredibly sad situation, but one Preuss | Foster Law is dedicated to resolving.

Have you or a loved one been harmed by opioid narcotics? 

We will prosecute cases against the industry giants and the entities and individuals that prescribe and distribute these known addictive and deadly narcotics.  Money should never take precedence over an individual’s health or livelihood.

At Preuss | Foster Law, we take every means necessary to stop it.


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