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Opioid Narcotics

Trying to cope with severe pain is miserable. If you or a loved one have dealt with a chronic medical condition, recovered from surgery or suffered from acute injury, an opioid might have been prescribed for pain relief. We trust that our doctors prescribe pain medicines that help our condition, and that the drugs they prescribe are safe.

However, opioid medications often hurt much more than they help. These medications are incredibly addictive, and drug companies often do not disclose this risk. When patients in pain do not realize these addiction risks, they can develop lifetime addictions without realizing it until it is too late to reverse the effects.

Opioid Prescriptions by Doctors

According to the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), opioids are powerful pain-reducing medications that include prescription oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine, among others, and have both benefits as well as potentially serious risks. Doctors routinely prescribe these medications to help treat both acute and chronic pain. Too often over the last 15-20 years, doctors have over and unnecessarily prescribed these highly addictive drugs. The prescriptions have lead to addiction, injury and even death. When the drugs were prescribed but not warranted, the doctor prescribing the opioids may be negligent.

However, as the hidden dangers of these medications come to light, more and more doctors are realizing that opioids can cause addiction in patients leading to serious, harmful health complications.

Pharmaceutical Companies and Sale of Opioids

The FDA regulates the approval and sale of opioid medications. Before selling a medication, pharmaceutical companies have to prove to the FDA that the drug will help more than it will hurt. This means that opioid manufacturers have to ensure their drugs do not cause more adverse reactions than they cure.

Unfortunately, many drug companies have failed to ensure their opioids are safe. They have also failed to warn about the addictive nature of these prescriptions for long term use versus over-the-counter, less addictive medications. When addiction, injury or death occurs as a result, pharmaceutical companies should be held responsible.

Too often, pharmaceutical companies sell drugs that have extremely high risks of abuse due to their addictive nature. In fact, these risks often outweigh the benefits opioid medications are supposed to provide to users. While the FDA may revoke the approval of an opioid medication that poses too great of a risk, drug companies still have a legal responsibility to the public to avoid selling unsafe medications.

Help for Those Affected By Opioid Addiction

Drug companies are required by law to disclose the potential risks someone faces if they take an opioid medication. As the opioid addiction epidemic continues across the Midwest and the nation, it has become clear that these companies have failed to meet this obligation.

Most people begin taking opioids for a legitimate purpose and get the medication through a prescription from their doctor. However, they can easily become addicted to these drugs and continue taking them even when they are no longer medically necessary.

The opioid crisis in our nation directly stems from our healthcare system. We are leaders in pursuing medical negligence an product liability lawsuits involving unsafe drugs like opioid pain medications, and we offer free investigations into these cases for individuals like you. No payment is required until compensation is collected on your behalf.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of an opioid addiction, don’t go it alone–we’re here to help. The Preuss | Foster Law is experienced, innovative and determined to provide brighter futures for those hurt by companies that value profit over safety. Give us a call at 816-307-2788; the road to recovery starts today.

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