Roundup is a herbicide used to kill weeds and grasses.  Roundup Weed Killer may be able to remove unwanted weeds and grasses, but many in the medical and scientific community are now questioning just how safe the product really is when humans are exposed to it.

Have You Used Roundup in the Past?

Roundup is a herbicide that contains the active ingredient, glyphosate, which targets a plant’s enzyme. Every year, the general public sprays some 250 million pounds of glyphosate on crops, lawns, driveways, sidewalks, parks and golf courses.  Monsanto, the company that manufactures Roundup, says that “farmers as well as homeowners and others, have been using Roundup and other glyphosate products for more than 40 years.” On its website the company points to hundreds of health studies promoting the safety of glyphosate.

However, in 2015 the World Health Organization classified glyphosate as a probable carcinogenic to humans and animals. Additional studies have linked Roundup to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma or NHL, a cancer that begins in the cells of the lymphatic and immune system. Exposure to glyphosate can also lead to leukemia, B-cell lymphoma and multiple myeloma.

These new studies, and reports of health problems among those with long-term exposure to Roundup and related products, are now supporting lawsuits against Monsanto. Those lawsuits accuse the company of knowing about the link between Roundup and cancer for more than 30 years and failing to warn consumers of the dangers.  Court documents have even revealed that Monsanto purposely created a campaign of misinformation in order to manipulate government agencies and the public into believing the product is safe.

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