Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Hurts

//Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Hurts

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Hurts

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Sexual harassment is a very invasive, painful and scary experience for any person to experience, regardless of gender. Sexuality is something that should be left out of the workplace and only occur through two consenting people in respectable, private place. When unwanted sexual advances or comments are made in the workplace, it can cause way more damage than the perpetrator may even realize. Many workers are afraid to come forward out of fear of retaliation, including not getting the promotion they want, or being shunned by those who are close with the offender.

That is why you need a sexual harassment attorney to offer guidance, support and compassion. We understand how gross and unsettling sexual harassment can be on the victim. Let us help you seek compensation and retribution for such awkward and hurtful behavior.

Definition of Sexual Harassment

All employees who cross this line must be held accountable for their actions. Such behavior can be considered uninvited, even without the employee specifically demanding that the actions stop. Sexual harassment includes behavior of a sexual nature that is unwelcomed, and which:

  • Is made as a condition of promotion or employment (meaning, a supervisor claims a subordinate shall not get a raise unless they accept the sexual advances or requests);
  • The verbal or physical behavior is pervasive and severe to which the victim’s workplace environment is affected (they feel their work area has become hostile).

Examples of Sexual Harassment Behavior Interactions

Sexual harassment in the workplace can happen for both men and women. Such behavior can occur between employees of the opposite or same sex, or between an employee and member of the public. Sexual harassment can involve, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Behavior from female to male, male to female or members of same sex in which the advances are unwelcomed, and are directed at either an individual, multiple people or group.
  2. Verbal statements that have a sexual connotation and are not welcomed, including jokes, slurs, insistent requests for a date, comments or epithets.
  3. Nonverbal actions that is both uninvited and sexual in nature, including staring, gawking, lewd gestures and leering.
  4. Visuals which have sexual suggestions and are undesirable, including posters, drawings, doodles, mail, pictures, letters, poems, etc.
  5. Physical conduct that has a sexual implication and is unwelcomed, including assault, touching, pinching, blocking movement or any other physical actions that interferes with standard work movement.

A sexual assault lawyer MD offers can provide empathetic and strategic legal services, so the offender be held responsible for their disgusting behavior. We understand how delicate of a situation this can be for our clients and the fragile work dynamics that may be affected when it is brought to light. However, we believe that every person should feel safe and respected in their work environment. You should not have to walk into work every day worried that you will be the target of yet another sexual harassment gesture, comment or note.

Thank you to our friends and contributors at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for their insight into personal injury cases and sexual harassment in the workplace.

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