The Corporate Conscience: Product Sales and Consumer Safety

//The Corporate Conscience: Product Sales and Consumer Safety

The Corporate Conscience: Product Sales and Consumer Safety

When a company is aware of a problem concerning a product it sells , what should that company do? What about consumer safety?

Should it own up to the problem, communicate the problem to its customers and fix it? Should it continue selling the product without acknowledging the problem and not accounting for consumer safety? Even worse, should the company cover up the problem and keep selling in hopes the problem is never revealed?

The right choice should be simple.

But in our society, dollar signs put companies in a predicament far too often when faced with this question.  All too often companies fail to own up to a problem with their product by addressing it. Instead, they move on with production. They keep selling. In turn, this puts company profits ahead of consumer safety.

This behavior is often discovered during pending litigation concerning a product liability claim. This kind of corporate conduct is egregious. In a lawsuit, it sets the basis for punitive damages to punish the company.

In most cases, if the company had been forthcoming about the problem and agreed to fix it, then injury could have been avoided. Even if injury occurred, a mistake might be understandable if the company takes responsibility for it and the mistake is immediately addressed and rectified.

Far too often, the problem is money.


Our society breeds it.

Unfortunately, corporate greed can put people in harm’s way for the sake of profits.

At our firm, we want companies to do the right thing. We want companies to treat people with respect and dignity. We want companies to put consumer safety ahead of the shareholders’ stock price.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way, and when it doesn’t, we are here to help.


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