When Medical Care in Correctional Facilities Goes Wrong

//When Medical Care in Correctional Facilities Goes Wrong

When Medical Care in Correctional Facilities Goes Wrong

Often prisons contract with third party companies to provide healthcare to inmates.  Corizon, formerly known as Prison Health Services, is one of those companies.  Corizon prides itself as the correctional healthcare pioneer in this industry.

There is no question that companies like these can offer helpful services to prisons.  At times, however, financial greed prevents third party correctional medical providers from providing quality healthcare to prison inmates.  The medical companies can be understaffed to provide adequate care to all the inmates it contracts to serve.  Often the contract between the prison and the correctional healthcare provider states that the healthcare provider is paid a set annual amount.  Under these contracts, the healthcare provider receives less in profits the more often they have to call a doctor into the prison or send an inmate to a hospital to care for a prisoner’s needs.  This actually incentives the correctional healthcare provider to provide LESS medical care in order to maximizes its profits.  When this happens, prisoners’ medical needs go unmet, resulting in unnecessary suffering, injury or even death.

The attorneys at Preuss | Foster Law have represented inmates who have fallen victim to these situations, and we have obtained results for them.  If you or a loved one have suffered significant injury or death when inadequate or improper medical care was provided while in jail or prison, please call us.


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